Use spears, not only nets

Win your most valuable customers faster. Increase your marketing ROI. Make the Sales team your biggest fans.

Selling and marketing to enterprise is becoming tougher every year, which is why a fresh approach is needed to achieve your marketing and business goals.

Account Based Marketing, a marketing methodology that focuses on key accounts instead of leads, is a novel and effective approach to reach out, engage, and win your top accounts. 

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Lead Generation and Nurturing

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Account Based Marketing

Account based marketing (ABM) has been a hot topic in B2B marketing circles over the last couple of years. But what is ABM exactly? Click here.

Though Leadership

Account Based Marketing vs. Demand Generation:
What to Use in 2018

Over the last few years Demand Generation has been the go-to strategy for B2B marketing. More recently though, Account Based Marketing (ABM) has created a buzz within the field and has been gaining traction as the marketing approach that should be used by marketing professionals.
What is the difference between the two strategies? Click here.

What is Account Based Marketing?

At our #B2BTalks event, Account Based Marketing experts shared the basics of planning and implementing an ABM program. Watch the video for insights from:

Mike Telem, VP Product Marketing at Marketo
Dana Poleg, VP Marketing at Kaltura
Rafi Kretchmer, VP Marketing at Panaya
Kfir Pravda, CEO, Pravda Media Group