Immediate Impact Services

Giant Baby Steps

Pravda Media Group offers targeted, short term solutions that can meet your immediate challenges and boost your marketing efforts. Our role is to assure that you will reach your marketing goals: whether it’s to boost attendance at your next webinar, multiply the impact of your next campaign or leverage big data for your market.

You can also benefit from our digital marketing know-how and empower your employees with the tools they need to achieve your business goals.

Boost your marketing efforts with targeted, short term services

Outbound Campaigns

Promote your webinar, white paper, event or product using targeted ads based on your prospect’s persona or contact details. Pravda Media Group offers full campaign management service, including planning, optimization, ongoing management, and CRM/Marketing Automation Integration. 

Event Marketing

Leverage social media to increase the impact and ROI of your next event. Use your online presence to reach out to prospects, engage with attendees, and generate awareness among those who couldn’t attend.

Digital Marketing Research

Utilize big data analysis to gain strategic market insights. Gain competitive intelligence and benchmark your own marketing programs.  

Corporate Training and Inspiration

Enable your employees to become top notch B2B marketers by providing them with the most cutting edge data and skills. From hands-on training on topics such as social media for B2B and marketing automation, to thought provoking and creative sessions about how digital is changing our lives, Pravda Media Group offers customized seminars for your in-house teams.


Become a first-class B2B marketer with Pravda Media Group’s personalized training about all aspects of digital B2B marketing. Our open seminars cover topics including B2B inbound marketing, effective outbound tactics, marketing automation and CRM, digital marketing measurement and more.

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