From Boring to Brilliant B2B best practice



Marketing Challenge - Being a marketer in a sales-driven organization  

Action - generating and enriching leads, and automatically producing sales insights to the sales team

Results - happy sales team


All Together Now

Marketing Challenge - Maximizing the impact of key marketing events 

Action - planning, orchestrating and executing an omnichannel marketing program by breaking the silos between PR, email marketing, content marketing and paid media

Results - No lead left behind


Show Me the Money

Marketing Challenge - showing marketing value to management 

Action -  Presenting digital marketing results as business KPIs, and setting up always-accessible live dashboards with comprehensive data 

Results - Stakeholders are on board for the next budget discussions


Marketing Challenge -Becoming a major thought leader in a noisy market 

Action - Engaging influencers, turning them into advocates, and creating and distributing fresh and insightful content 

Results - Building life-long never-ending friendships with industry leaders