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#B2BTalks - Flipping the Funnel: How to Win Your Top Accounts

Account Based Marketing is a method to win key accounts at scale.
But what is it exactly, and how can your organization adopt this marketing approach? 

Find out at #B2BTalks May 10, 6:30pm!


How to build a data driven organization - Kfir Pravda and Efi Cohen

July 2, 2016

In this video, Pravda Media Group’s CEO, Kfir Pravda, and Datorama’s CEO, Efi Cohen, discuss the importance of using dashboards in our data driven culture in the B2B Marketing Conference. Both visualization and the display of correct relevant data hold a very vital role in the basic understanding of a company’s well-doing. Additionally, Cohen states the following: “If everyone is aligned on the same KPI’s and goals... and everyone is able to access the data on a daily basis and see the progress of their work, it becomes very easy to justify the organization’s investments".

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5 Uncomfortable Truths About Technology and Demand Generation

June 29, 2016

Pravda Media Group’s CEO, Kfir Pravda, dives into the evolution of marketing strategies-- particularly the effects of technological changes and the transforming demands from management. Pravda emphasizes that the most important factor of success is being good marketing people, specifically by owning a deep understanding of the overall needs and wants of the client.


Calcalist Business Conference: In A Changing World - 2016

June 19, 2016

In this video, Kfir Pravda discusses the three main questions to ask oneself when beginning to work with a new company. He stresses the importance of following these ideas in order to achieve maximal success in today’s market.



December 21, 2015

In a recent article, ‘Telecom News’ featured Kfir Pravda in the top 20 leading persons of 2015 in the Israeli marketing and hi-tech worlds.


B2B Marketing Summit 2015 - Kfir Pravda

December 14, 2015

In the B2B Marketing Summit of 2015, Kfir Pravda explains in detail the path one must take in order to learn about a buyer’s journey. Three important questions must first be asked in order to further understand the potential buyer’s persona, and only then can one dive deeper into understanding the next steps in the process.


How Buying a Beer and Attending a Webinar Reveal Buying Intention - MC Forum - Hebrew

November 19, 2015

In this video from the B2B Insights conference, Kfir Pravda discusses how two of his favorite things – beer and marketing – come together to reveal buying intention. Kfir presents how #B2BTalks events provide an opportunity to engage with our database at multiple touchpoints and channels, and how marketing automation allows us to connect the dots and gauge buying intention.


Pravda Media Group: Quadrupling Deals with Nimble!

February 27, 2014

This article discusses how Pravda Media Group used Nimble, the Social Sales and Marketing CRM to manage multiple client contact databases, as well as managing PMG’s sales funnel efficiently.


Beyond Technology: Leadership is Key to Scaling Your Marketing

February 15, 2014

Employees are often averse to change, and have difficulty switching to new automation tools. Leadership plays a crucial role in getting each marketer to change his or her habits and adapt to a new method accordingly. In this article, Kfir Pravda shares how he got his team to adopt automation tools for their marketing operation.


B2B Marketing in 2014: Content + Technology

January 20, 2014

Kfir Pravda was featured in this article that looks at the increasing adoption of and investment in marketing technology. He says, “marketers that embrace technologies such as marketing automation, content recommendation, business intelligence and smart lead tracking are outperforming their competition.”